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The request for personal information made within this website is purely for the purpose of association, in order that once you have forwarded your comments onto Creative Expressions, a direct response can be made. Cookie policy We use cookies on our website so that you can use everything on it. Cookies also help us to understand how you use our website so that we can continue to improve it. Craft Clearance cookies are read-only and set by our website. They cannot have a virus or get any personal information from your computer. What are cookies? Cookies are tiny text files saved on your computer when you go to some web pages. Any website can put cookies on your computer but your browser (for example Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox), will only allow some cookies to protect your privacy. It is usual that a cookie will contain the following : oA website address, for example oIts 'lifetime' (how long it will be held on your computer for). oIts value, usually a unique string of letters and / or numbers. First-party and third-party cookies oFirst-party cookies are saved to your computer by the website that you are on. oThird-party cookies are saved to your computer by a website that gives content to the one that you are on. So, if you watch a YouTube video on our website, YouTube may save its own cookie to your computer. A website can only read the cookies that it makes, so other websites cannot read the cookies we save to your computer and we cannot read any cookies saved by them.

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